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Steve McNaughton's "Eagles Aloft" Soars

CD Cover for Eagles Aloft
CD Cover for Eagles Aloft
2013 Steve McNaughton

Steve McNaughton's - Eagles Aloft


Nashville, TN

CD Review - Eagles Aloft

Coming at us from way DOWN UNDER, this is one CD that absolutely needs to be in your collection. It doesn’t matter if you like country, rock or folk this is an album I think everyone needs to have. I put this in the CD player and it literally has yet to be pulled out.

From the opening strains of music on the first tune – Cross Country until the last tingling note on The Navigator, this CD holds your attention. The only negative I can state here is that it definitely ends too soon. I wanted more, I still want more. I hope Steve is planning on doing another one.

In today’s market where everyone sounds much like the next guy this album stands on its own. Steve McNaughton shows a hint of brilliance in this body of work. There seems to be a little Tom Petty influence there. Not sure if it was intentional or not.

Now I am not a huge Petty fan but whatever is going on here, it works, it simply works and it works well. It is musically tight, well recorded, well layered and arranged and his vocals are soft, soothing and sweet. It is polished but not over produced. It is melodic and well written but not over stated. I really, really like this album.

Steve also slipped in a cover of the Eagles “One of These Nights” in the number six slot. I don’t usually like covers on other artist’s albums but I liked this. The Eagles are a hard band to cover for anyone, but his version is enough like the original to make you sing along and different enough that you know it is another person’s take on the song, very clever indeed.

I hear several songs that could be singles and stand out well on their own. The problem would be what genre would be best for Steve? It could be pop, it could be modern country, or it could be soft rock or adult contemporary. It in fact is a little bit of all of the above. If you listen I think there may even be a little Beatles feel to a couple of the tunes.

But alas, I have to give my thoughts on the favorite’s tunes on the CD. Opinions are going to vary from one person to the next but if I absolutely have to pick a favorite song on the disc it would have to be track 5 “When You’ve Got It Good”. It has hit written all over it and it deserves to be heard. Not once but over and over again. Nice melody and storyline.

Basically, this CD is not a Nashville system cookie cutter CD. It is not a standard LA Pop CD. It is a blend of it all and it is all Steve McNaughton. You can pick up a copy of this CD at: