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Steuben's Denver: relax, they've got it

Fun times at Steuben's!
Fun times at Steuben's!Stueben's

Steuben's Grill Denver


You and the girls from the office are tired of the sub shop and the over-priced bread, olives and cheese restaurants for lunch. You want a new place to call "home," when it comes to the office eatery. Your trip through the wilderness of mundane culinary disappointment is over! At 17th and Pearl, in Denver, your answer awaits. Steuben's sits at an ideal location, outside of downtown Denver, with ample parking and street access.

Fun times at Steuben's Denver
Fun times at Steuben's DenverStueben's

Steuben's has a long history, based on a restaurant that became popular in Boston, Mass., during the big band era. Maintaining that vibe has been uber important and it's easy to see how well they've done with the concept.

At first glance, I didn't know what to expect of this place that came highly recommended by patrons who frequent this quaint establishment. One of those is my daughter, who has become quite the culinary connoisseur. I tried to bow out of the luncheon gracefully, more favoring a drive-thru meal course, sure to bring on bad taste and bad gas to accompany the visit. I must say that I am very glad she talked me into the delightful lunch we were able to enjoy at Steuben's! The familiar versatile, Americana cuisine of yester-year, paired with some modern sophistication and adventure, are irresistible attributes that ensure a pleasurable experience.

The staff is great, and very attentive without frequent, annoying visits to your table to ask the scripted question: "is there anything else I can get you?" The ambiance sets the tone for a relaxing visit, whether you're there for lunch, happy hour or dinner. The menu has something for just about every taste. Steuben's menu exclusives include: habanero honey fried corn, bacon strips, trout amandine, cayenne etouffee and even Sunday chicken and waffles! There is a full bar and drink menu to accompany food stuffs. Steuben's is also very active in the local community, contributing goo-gobs of money, food and smiles to help folks out.

Check out the pictures and videos attached to see greatness in action. Steuben's rocks. Go see for yourself. Shout out to one of Stueben's best, Kevin Dunn!