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Step out of prison and ‘On The Job’

On the Job


Besides the always popular epic martial arts films that the Asian film market delivers they are well known for their crime dramas. Most of them take a unique approach to the genre and either end up being amazing or fall short. The latest On The Job tries its hands at bringing something different to the table, but can it back it up or will it be a botched job?

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On The Job follows a cop and federal agent investigating the murder of a drug dealer, but when the trail goes cold they discover a conspiracy of massive scale: the killers are inmates, temporarily released from jail as assassins before returning to incarceration. This film initially is all over the place as it tries to find its footing making it a bit hard to get into. Thankfully that is short lived as the direction and concept comes together to create a great crime thriller. The idea alone is really cool and knowing the direction it plans to go will keep you intrigued while it struggles to find itself. Once it finds its way it gets really good creating a great entry into the crime thriller. The performances are all really good and force the leads to engage in a wide range of emotions through their relationship that keeps the story engaging. While there is some decent action, but is not an action film so those going in hoping for a big action extravaganza will be disappointed.

As mentioned before this film struggles a bit at first, but manages to not only find its direction, but ended up being really good. If you are looking for an interesting crime thriller then check this film out.

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