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Step into the Southern underworld with ‘Wicked Blood’

Wicked Blood


Ever since she burst onto the scene with Little Miss Sunshine Abigail Breslin has been churning out movies and while she is usually great in them has yet to quite find that some success again. Her latest Wicked Blood sports a great cast including Alexa Vega, Sean Bean, James Purefoy, Jake Busey, and Lew Temple but does it pack the punch needed to bring this film to life or will it be a deal gone bad?

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Wicked Blood follows a teen girl who lives with her older sister and drug addict uncle whose only refuge is chess. To make her life worse her other uncle is a feared drug dealer who is aided by his psychotic younger brother. When her sister falls in love with a ,eth dealer who is at war with her uncle she realizes the only way to save them all is to pit one pawn against the other in a game of deadly chess. The first half of this film plays off really slow as it struggles to find its pacing. Once things decide where they want to go then the film actually begins to deliver a pretty interesting tale. Abigail Breslin is forced to carry the film and does a good job. The rest of the cast all seem to be enjoying their roles and really bring it all together. While not doing too much here it was interesting seeing Alexa Vega in a different kind of role and does a good job with the part. Lew Temple is probably the best of them all. He has always been a great character actor, but here he gives it his all including a sequence where he is wacked out of his mind and dancing to Rob Zombie. AS the film progresses the story unfolds with a few surprising twists and turns that help to elevate the film a bit more.

This is nothing that hasn’t been seen in some form before but does manage to entertain. The down south gritty feel with a biker overlay makes for an interesting backdrop to bring this drug filled crime revenge thriller to life. It’s been great to see Abigail Breslin grow from a little lady into the young woman on the big screen and her talents just seem to grow along with her.

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