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Step into the controversial world of WikiLeaks with The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate


Some of the most intriguing stories out there are those that actually happened. The latest attempts to bring the controversial story of WikiLeaks to life bringing along fan favorite Benedict Cumberbatch, Bill Condon, Anthony Mackie, David Thewlis, Stanley Tucci, and Laura Linney for the ride. Could this movie pack the thrilling controversial story of this company that changed everything to life or will it crash before loading?

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The Fifth Estate follow the real life events that reveals the quest to expose the deceptions and corruptions of power that turned an Internet upstart into the 21st century's most fiercely debated organization. At first this film takes the slow build route to set the tone and then quickly shifts in an attempt to tell an important and intriguing story that sadly will be lost on most people. This is one of those topics that are interesting to a select group of people and those are probably going to be the only ones that are able to get into it. The performances were all great and the story is really interesting, but there is so much information shoved into this one film that at times it is hard to keep up. There are tons of high profile and intense situations throughout this film, but at times it feels like there is no urgency to the characters reactions. The major saving grace is the always great Benedict Cumberbatch who brings this strange, awkward, genius character of Julian Assange to life. Every moment he is on screen is captivating, but sadly he is surrounded by moments that lack the punch needed to make the overall film as effective as it could have been.

This is one of those intelligent thrillers that will lose most people for the sheer complexity of the story and the amount of information crammed. For those that like this sort of thing and understand the situation it plays well enough to entertain. Whether you like these sorts of films or not Cumberbatch’s performance alone is worth checking out and this is the sort of news worthy situations that people need to know about it and most likely ignored the news and the confusion they bring to the story. Step into the conspiracy and intrigue of the story of WikiLeaks when The Fifth Estate hits stores on January 28th.