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Stelvio Cipriani's funky score to 'Concorde Affaire '79' reissued on CD

Concorde Affaire '79


The prolific Italian composer Stelvio Cipriani has scored countless films from his homeland's golden age of genre cinema, covering the musical bases for spaghetti westerns, gialli, romances, horror flicks and violent crime films over the course of his legendary career.

Cover art for Concorde Affaire '79
Chris' Soundtrack Corner

Cipriani's funky, melodic score to the 1979 film from Cannibal Holocaust director Ruggero Deodato serves as one of the very best examples of the man's work, however, capturing the composer's penchant for driving rhythms and smooth character themes. The German soundtrack specialists over at Chris' Soundtrack Corner have issued Cipriani's score for Concorde Affaire '79 in its complete form with excellent, in-depth liner notes, giving the composer's excellent work here the true treatment it deserves here on compact disc.

The film itself was an Italian take on the "disaster movie" genre which enjoyed so much popularity in the U.S.A. during the 1970s, with such films as Earthquake, Airport and The Towering Inferno enjoying big box office success with movie goers, with Deodato's effort riffing specifically on the David Rich film of the same year, The Concorde...Airport '79. Cipriani's score is nicely balanced between and energetic main title which relies heavily upon a syncopated high-hat rhythm, while the "Affaire Rhythm for Guitar" offers up a lighter, more romantic riff on the theme, falling more in line with the sort of bossa nova and lounge sound usually associated with Italian cinema of the 1960s and 70s.

Followers of Stelvio Cipriani's career have noted the maestro's penchant for recycling his most famous cues for variations on other soundtracks, and this proves true here once again on Concorde Affaire '79, as his main theme riffs a bit on his classic title cue for the 1973 crime drama La Polizia Sta a Guardare, a motif which would rear its head both on Mario Bava's 1974 poliziotteschi film Rabid Dogs as well as the 1977 "animals attack" feature Tentacles. Cipriani would work off these recognizable note choices often during his composing career, returning to the theme on his scores to The Great Alligator the same year, as well as on Umberto Lenzi's 1980 "infected people" picture Nightmare City.

Regardless of this fact, Cipriani is showcased here at his very best on Concorde Affaire '79, with "Danger Call" serving as another highlight of the score, soaring upon the strength of Cipriani's magnificently arranged string section. The majestic melody achieved by these strings makes this track a sample worthy jewel by anyone's standards, yet it's the impact of Cipriani's score as a whole, focused album of music which sets Concorde Affaire '79 as one of the composer's most memorable works.



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