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Stay hydrated on the run with BottleBand

BottleBand helps runners and cyclists stay hydrated while on the go.
BottleBand helps runners and cyclists stay hydrated while on the go.BottleBand



Whether you are running in the heart of summer or if you are simply going a long distance, hydration is essential. From belts to handhelds, there are several different ways to carry your water or electrolyte-infused drink with you, with the newest being BottleBand, which allows you to turn any water bottle into a handheld.

Made of stretchy plastic, BottleBand features two circular bands that fit around the bottle and a connecting band, which fits around your hand for grip. The one-size-fits-all size can work with any sized bottle, from a Nalgene to a 16-ounce throwaway water bottle.

If you opt to use a 16-ounce throwaway water bottle, you can easily remove the water bottle from the BottleBand while on the run, toss the bottle and return the band to your wrist as a wristband for the remainder of your workout. In addition to being suitable for runners, the BottleBand can be used for cycling and any other outdoor fitness activity that requires hydration.

The BottleBand comes in a variety of designs and colors, allowing you to find the perfect combination to speak to your personality. Groups can design and order custom BottleBands, with a minimum order requirement of 200.

For fitness enthusiasts that must bring their hydration with them, BottleBands provides the flexibility and convenience at the right price. It can easily accommodate a variety of water bottles, making it easy to ensure you have the right amount of fluids no matter the run.

BottleBand can be purchased online at the company's website, The BottleBand costs $6 each.