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Stash organic teas are worth your time and money

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Stash Organic Teas


Stash organic teas are worth your time and money, and why not? It is true that anything organic is worth your time and money, but did you even know that a mainstream tea company, such as Stash Tea, also sold organic/non genetically modified (GMO) teas? probably not, well unless you are an avid tea drinker as I am, because the mainstream grocers do not usually sell these products because the demand is so low for anything organic, especially something that is not GMO. The thinking is, if it is non GMO already, why do I have to buy the organic version, isn't that overkill?

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Stash organic teas are not sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and no other chemical. Think about this, when it comes to certain foods it should be imperative that you only consume organic and let me tell you why. Such crops such as carrots are root crops, that we consume. Yes the carrots grow underground and the chemicals are sprayed above ground, however, chemicals do leach into the soil and therefore come into contact with root crops. The difference is, the contact is not as much as what is sprayed directly on the above ground parts. Now think about what you consume that is above ground and therefore fully in contact with dangerous chemicals sprayed on them.

Tea is one of those above ground parts. Now, if you understand anything about heat transfer and chemicals and leaching and such you should cringe at the thought of taking something, such as tea leaves, sprayed with chemicals and then infusing those leaves in boiling water for you and your family to drink! Talk about chemical induced water. So yes, it is imperative to purchase and consume organic teas over the mainstream stuff. Being organic, as these Stash Teas are, you also know that you are protected from GMOs such as soy lecithin that can be found in many non-organic teas.

For this I give Stash organic teas, 5 stars. I also give them a five star rating on their flavor and quality because, unlike some companies, they use good ingredients to make their mixes such as their Very Berry herbal tea. This tea I give a separate rating of 5 stars simply because I decided, after a warm brew, to take 8 of those tea bags and brew them into a gallon of iced tea. I can honestly say, the Very Berry blend tastes better cold and exquisite comes to mind! We are talking a very wonderful summer tea for your loved ones and I guarantee that the kids will flip over its taste. I found myself trying NOT to drink the whole gallon alone.

From organic Orange Chocolate to Cascade Mint to Lavender Tulsi (basil), there is much to be revered here. The Cascade Mint is splendid when it comes to most all digestive problems. My mother, one that believes only what she experiences herself, complained of a tummy ache after a less than healthy meal, was given this warm tea and soon after had no more complaints. The Orange Chocolate is a very good blend from which you can taste both flavors and neither tastes like false ingredients. So if you are searching for some good quality organic teas, Stash Tea might be a good choice, it was for me.