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'Stargate (1994)' Movie Review: Beautiful cinema

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'Stargate (1994)'


In 1928 in the land of Giza in the country Egypt, Professor Langford finds this very large ring with ancient Egyptian symbols all around it. Not being able to decipher the symbols it stays in a warehouse till one day his daughter Catherine (Viveca Lindfors) calls on a friend to interpret what the symbols say. Enter Dr. Daniel Jackson (James Spader) who has been down on his luck as they say and could use some money and a job.

Now Daniel has some luck and is able to determine that the ring is some sort of tunnel or worm hole device which will transport you to another body or planet. The symbols are coordinates and in the proper sequence will take you through the galaxy.

Colonel Jack O'Neil (Kurt Russell) arrives at the installation and takes over the mission. The mission being that now that they have the idea of what the ring is, the military wants to find out what the ring will do. A team is put together and the device is activated. Once they arrive at the other end they have to figure out the sequence to be able to return home. Thus Dr. Jackson has just volunteered to join them. When they arrive at the other end they come across pyramids which means that man must be here or has been. It turns out that back in ancient times some humans were transported to this planet and never knew how to get back. Thus they have been there for quite some time. Daniel meets a young girl by the name of Sha'uri (Mili Avital) and is immediately infatuated with her. Jack O'Neil will befriend a young man by the name of Skaara (Alexis Cruz). Skaara loves to follow Jack around and be like the military. Unfortunately Ra (Jaye Davidson), a Goa'uld, a humanoid creature that has a little lizard in his chest, arrives and causes havoc on everyone. Ra is the god of old but is an alien creature. The team have to find a way back. They must fight off Ra. They must also help the humans that have been there all along. It is an amazing movie and opens the doors to some curious questions. Director Roland Emmerich does an excellent job with this film. The use of ancient Egypt, it's Gods and myths, and bringing them back to modern day and in the giving us a what if possibility, is great. I love a movie that leaves you with the belief that it is a possible solution to a question making it beautiful cinema.