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'Stardust Memories' film review

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'Stardust Memories'


Another one of Woody Allen's great early works, Stardust Memories takes a dreamy, autobiographic glimpse into the iconic celebrity's life in an abstract self-portrait of the star's own experience, through the funny and lovable character of Sandy Bates. Just like the gifted writer/filmmaker himself, Sandy is approached by endless adoring fans, surrounded by beautiful women and always pressed for time by friends and colleagues in the industry, as he continually releases entertaining, thought-provoking films to rave reviews in a relentless quest for the meaning of life.

The movie is filmed in black and white with lively jazz encapsulating the swing music era to create a delightful sentiment of nostalgia. The acting is witty and charming, interspersing vignette-like scenes that blend together to project a surreal yet lighthearted stream of consciousness in a fond reflection of past and present moments. With Charlotte Rampling as Dorrie, Jessica Harper as Daisy and Marie-Christine Barrault as Isobel, this classic romantic comedy is available in area libraries, online, and in Chicagoland movie stores.