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'Stardines' by Jack Prelutsky: More fun-to-read poetry from the master

Clever and imaginative poetry for children of all ages - including grown up kids
Clever and imaginative poetry for children of all ages - including grown up kids
courtesy of Candlewick Press

Stardines by Jack Prelutsky


Jack Prelutsky’s newest set of poetry, “Stardines,” continues his wonderful practice of writing poetry that encourages children to learn and use new and colorful words like “lachrymose” and “copious.”

From the book jacket, readers will learn that Prelutsky “was the nation’s first Children’s Poet Laureate. He has filled more than fifty books of verse with his inventive wordplay."

Prelutsky’s poems are favorites of many children who love his crazy thoughts and outlandish ideas. In this book, he creates hybrid animals such as the swapitis. Swapitis are wapiti who live to trade.

It’s pure Prelutsky fun.

Who else would rhyme “drums” with “aquariums”? His sense of meter and his masterful use of vocabulary make this collection of poems great fun to read aloud -- as usual.

One sentence in the poem “Swapitis:”

“Back and forth within the woods
They trade for one another’s goods,
Exchanging windless model planes
For misassembled plastic trains.”

And instead of “mountain lions,” Prelutsky brings us “Fountain Lions.” He tells the reader that “Fountain lions, lithe and lean, add gaiety to any scene.”

There are sixteen clever poems with illustrations that are quite different from the usual drawings that accompany poems. Carin Berger used found objects and vintage engravings along with other fascinating items for the whimsical illustrations.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by Candlewick Press for review purposes.

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