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'Star Fox 64 3D,' is the nostalgia worth it?

Cover of 'Star Fox' 3DS game
Cover of 'Star Fox' 3DS game

Star Fox 64 3D


Star Fox 64 3D’(2011) is the remake of the classic ‘Star Fox 64’(1997), a 3D shooter in which the player assumes the role of Fox McCloud. Most long-time gamers have played this game or at least heard of it. Since the 3DS’s release, ‘Nintendo’ has been developing rebooted versions of classic games. Could this be the game to put ‘Star Fox’s’ reputation back in order?

Maybe, maybe not.

The plotline is exactly the same as it was in the original 64 version: You play as Fox McCloud, an Airwing pilot, and his team’s mission is to stop the mad evil genius, Andross, from destroying the Lylat System. So nothing has changed regarding the premise of the story.

For the most part, the game play is very reminiscent and gives older gamers nostalgia. There are some added features to the controls, no doubt to keep the game updated, but it might just create a more jarring experience for the player.

The main menu screen gives two play mode options: 3DS and Nintendo 64. As stated, ‘Nintendo 64 Mode’ allows for players to experience ‘Star Fox’ as they once did for the Nintendo 64 version. The ‘3DS Mode’ gives the player an option to play with gyro controls, meaning the player can control the ship by tilting the 3DS in different directions to steer the Arwing. Sure, it sounds cool… but it gives player more problems than an experience. Sometimes when the gyro control is on, it won’t pick up on the motion of the player, and then the Arwing will stay in the corner of the screen until it is hit by something, making it very aggravating for trying to relive a fantastic experience.

Other than that, if the player chooses, the controls are very similar. And there’s little to no problem with shooting or using bombs. The 3DS controls are just a way to make it suitable for the consol, but they might get in the way of the player if they’re not used to it.

The graphics are as good as to be expected for the 3DS, but the characters look more or less the same. It anything, they look a little smoother. The same thing can be said for the backgrounds and enemies in the game, too.

Overall, if gamers are interested in experiencing some hard-core nostalgia, go ahead and buy it and play 64 Mode. This is also great for gamers who have never played the original, but want to get a feel for it. The only risk is getting the Arwing shot down!