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Star Coin Laundry poor customer service and misleading hours of operation

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Star Coin Laundry


View Gmail in: Mobile | Older version | Desktop © 2014 Google Gmail Google+ Calendar Web more Star Coin Laundry Cassandra Bautista to me 15 minutes ago Details As a Star Coin Laundry customer for over three years I find it very disappointing to see that this location has added an unprofessional worker to monitor the laundry facility. After rude treatment, constant supervision, and misleading hours of operation I will no longer visit this laundry site. In addition I will recommend that none of my family members, subscribers, or friends use it as well. I have my own laundry facility at where I live but since I liked the location, cleanliness, and free WI-fi at Star Coin Laundry continued to visit laundry site even after moving out of area. However, within the last year or so the owner has hired a worker who monitors laundry machines and dryers. This worker mentioned to me on a previous visit that last load is at 10:30 p.m. I saw the sign outside of store the sign states last load at 10:30 p.m. and reads open till Midnight. I never go to site and start loads at 10: 30 p.m. I always begin my load a many hours before 10:30 p.m. So for her to say that to me without me asking was rude and uncalled for. This past Fridays visit to this location finalized that I will never ever give Star Coin Laundry my business again. My daughter and I put our laundry in dryer at approximately 9:45 p.m. And went and ran an errand came back at 10: 30 and doors to laundry site were locked. We waited about 5- 10 minutes trying to figure out what was going on since site sates that it is open till Midnight. Out of nowhere the worker gets out of car and says I'm only here because I have to get paid by owner or I would have left. She then tells my daughter and I that we always do this. I told her sign says that they are open till Midnight. She said we always leave for hours. I then told her we were not gone for hours. I also said that there are no rules that state that we can not leave site freely and that we must remain at site. She said if I keep talking to her like that she would not give me my laundry. I told her I would call the owner and the police on her. My daughter and I began to walk on side of building to get the phone number of the laundry facility and to contact the police she then follows us on side of building and then starts to speak to my teenager daughter about me. I then told her if you have something to say to me speak to me not my daughter. She refused to open laundry site regardless that the site says open till Midnight on more than one sign and screeches off in her car. Another 10 minutes go by and the owner and a woman pull up to location and park in front of site. I asked if he was owner and he confirmed that he is. I explained to him the situation and he said he knew because of the cameras. I told him that I was a regular customer. He said he knew that. He was not rude but he tried to explain to me that last load was at 10:30 p.m. I told him that the sign says they are open till Midnight. He asked where was that I at? I pointed to front door sign and sign located on left hand side of building. He said “oh” went to left side of building and claimed he didn't know that and pulled off sign of left hand side of building. He said they would love to remain open till Midnight if they had customers but since they didn’t have any customers up to Midnight they only stayed there till 10:30 p.m. If they lock their business doors at 10:30 p.m. of course they do not have customers till Midnight because customers can not get in and out of business. Business owner said that he will get worker to start staying till 11 p.m. I told him I would no longer use this laundry site ever again. I checked Yelp reviews and another customer yelped that they had a similar experience. Yelper stated that that the laundry site closed before Midnight and locked their clothes in site. Yelper went further to say that Star Coin Laundry would not give him his clothes until the morning. So despite owner's claims that he did not know that site closed at Midnight the Yelper and his past review indicates otherwise. This appears to be a regular complaint with this business. Businesses should treat paying customers with the best service and respect possible. Businesses should not argue with customers or monitor them and supervise them like some children or scold them. Businesses should also stay open the hours that are stated on their doors, windows, and websites. Businesses should be honest and not lie to their customers. Another downside off this laundry site is that they charge a quarter to use restroom and do not have hand soap or paper towels. If you must pay to use a restroom at least have the basics for sanitation. I at one point in time would have given this laundry site 4 stars but after this poor treatment, dishonesty, and misleading information I give it a 1 star and if I had my choice would give them a negative 10 stars. Star Coin Laundry 4406 Vineland Avenue Los Angeles, CA 91602 (818) 285-2934 Link up with Hollywood Small Business Examiner for further information and local news on small businesses by subscribing to the top of this page, or follow me on Twitter. Do you have any suggestions on small businesses that you would like to see spotlighted in If so leave a comment indicating where more information on business can be located at.