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'Stairway to Kevin 2' honestly enlightens while encouraging personal growth

Kevin Thornton's one-man show captured the audiences' attention and won him Best of Venue title and the opportunity for an encore preformaces on Sunday, July 27 as one of the "Hangover" shows that end the KC Fringe Festival 2014.
Troy Diehl and courtesy of KC Fringe Festival

Stairway to Kevin at The Buffalo Room


Rewarded for his work at the Kansas City Fringe Festival 2014, Kevin Thornton won the “Best of Venue” award, which means he secured the chance to present his show, “Stairway to Kevin 2" at an encore performance, at 3 p.m., Sunday, July 22 at the Buffalo Room in the rear of the Westport Flea Market.

Thornton, a singer, composer, comic, storyteller brings a sends of comedy and mirth to his performance as he reminisces events of his past and brings his audience along on his road to self realization, perception, and emotional resolution. His musings allow the audience to identify with his past, present and future while gently allowing them to recall their past similar or dissimilar experiences.

Whether a person agrees with Thornton’s life experiences, he or she continues to gain insight into life, life’s lessons, and personal honesty. Thornton’s life stories touch the past of many attendees, and his musings continue to bring laughs while delivering a serious message to encourage personal growth.

“It's a challenge to come up with a new piece every year, but that's what being a Fringe artist is all about,” Thornton said. “Every winter I buckle down and scour through my life experiences- write it out and turn it into a show.”

Being a traveling Fringe artist requires time and effort long before presentation. Thrornton confirmed that he writes his piece, his music, and practices the delivery as he crafts his thoughts into a show.

For Fringe festivals, Thornton needs to create, practice, polish, and perform an hour-long production. “Stairway to Kevin 2" takes the audience on about a 50-minute journey into the mind and thoughts of Thornton.

“I usually workshop new ideas at the Know Theatre in Cincinnati, Ohio,” Thornton said.

Last year for the 2013 Kansas City Fringe Festival, Thornton performed at a larger venue, the Jerome Stage at The Unicorn Theatre, but with a construction project currently underway at The Unicorn, both the Jerome and MainStage were not available for the 2014 festival.

“I didn't know if this was a stronger piece. I just give 100 percent of myself and hope for the best. I set out to tell the truth. That's the best I can do,” Thornton said.

Truth, it is. Truth sometimes hurts and sometimes heals. What Thornton divulges to the audiences at the start of this show. As the show begins, Thornton explains that everything stems from a person’s perception. One person may see something as escape while another sees it as a chore.

Thornton finds his truth from examining his past, finding resolution from past events, and then expressing his perception and truth to the audience. His lead and perspective allow his audience to leave with a better understanding of him as a person and performer and provide them the skills to allow them to safely examine their past events.

Thornton’s show draws strong support and his Fringe performances continue as he travels the Fringe circuit. He’s brings profound ideas and needs to be seen reqularly. His show always comes with the highest recommendations.

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