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'Squids Odyssey' is an amazing casual adventure under the sea on the 3DS

Squids Odyssey


The first look at The Game Bakers’ latest game “Squids Odyssey” shows off cartoon squid characters and gameplay resembling “Angry Birds,” on a Nintendo 3DS (also available for Wii-U). In other words, “Squids Odyssey” managed to combine three things I generally hate into one game.

Title image of The Game Bakers' "Squid Odyssey," which is now available for Nintendo Wii-U and 3DS
The Game Bakers, used with permission

Then I actually had a chance to play “Squids Odyssey.”

But playing The Game Bakers' “Squids Odyssey” was no easy endeavor since I had to first find an available Nintendo 3DS to play it on. It took a midnight delivery of a suspiciously wrapped package that reeked of cold calamari to get the name of someone who knew someone else who would let me borrow her Nintendo 3DS in exchange for the secret ingredient that gave a distinct crunch to my grasshopper dessert squares.* I suppose that I could have just bought a Nintendo 3DS at a local retailer, but I didn’t feel the need to burden my pocket with a mobile device for video games when I already have a mobile device for video games that also lets me communicate with others through the technology of phone calls. If only Nintendo announced that their next 3DS would have a phone calling feature at this past E3.

With an hour to play The Game Bakers’ “Squids Odyssey,” I got to experience the joy of flinging cartoon squids in a pastoral sea setting. While flinging limbless birds into rickety structures housing pigs never appealed to me since it felt like a one-note form of entertainment, I could feel more invested with the squids as I was working hard to keep them alive while flinging them and therefore put more thought into my actions. Whether flinging squids from point A to point B or flinging squids at other marine life, the simple gameplay of “Squids Odyssey” won me over as I giddily positioned my squid protagonists around the play field for a series of flanking maneuvers and decisive strikes whilst collecting pearls to keep my team alive or eventually purchase some nice hats for them to wear.

Though The Game Bakers' “Squids Odyssey” on the Nintendo 3DS has the ancillary gimmicks of tacked on 3D, it thankfully can be turned off as it provides nothing to the gameplay. Aiming and stretching out each squid can be done via touchscreen or the 3DS' control pad. The pad feels more precise.

At $14.99 at Nintendo's eShop, the price may feel steep for a rather casual game like The Game Bakers' “Squids Odyssey.” But for that price, you get over 50 levels of squid flinging action with a charming tale about how these squids got their current predicament and a few bonus levels. At the very least, it's refreshing to see something on Nintendo that doesn't involve plumbers or electric rodents.

Sadly, I didn't have the time to finish “Squids Odyssey.” As my hour with the 3DS expired, the owner of the device took it back and wanted me to try out the grasshopper dessert squares that she made based on my recipe. Maybe I shouldn't have been so snarky and told her that my secret ingredient was grasshoppers.

* I wish I were making this up.

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