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A woman finds out that squatters are living in her home and as the film makes you think of a Patty Smith memoir & We Were Just Kids the new best action film makes a mark.


A couple of bedraggled kids find a place of refuge. They come to a nice, comfortable, wealthy home and the guy friend, so glad to find a place of peace void of homelessness for his girl friend. Just like the pampered lady of the home, she rests atop a feather bed. Beautiful under all of that fear and bleach blond hair, the guy tells the girl to go for it, and like a runaway child girl teen who just returned home after a long journey, she takes the bath of a thousand years, washing away the tears. A perusal of one simple light olive green emerald dress transforms her from a sweat rogue crawling around the back stages of smoke and liquor, a patient and ever loving mermaid of all atmospheres, to a rich well-bred young woman. A later scene of her walking down the boulevard after she left the home, she goes and sits down at a cheap theater place and watches what else, a Charlie Chaplan version of Billy The Kid. It is such Hollywood reels which help her sort out her life, and she bumps into the only other man in the theater, who kind of looks like Johnnie Depp in the dark. She tells him what she knows she is, among the silver screen she just adored of all, filled with all of the somebodies. "Hi. I'm nobody." You have to watch the movie to find out who he is. But know that his father said after he found out, "If it is true love, then it is a blessing."

Hard to hold tears back after she sits on the sofa and puts on the home videos of the family away, and she peeks into their lives through the laughter and life there with wonder at such love. Through time, as she watches the short brief films, the story of the family unfolds, along with how one member, the father of the teenage girl on the tape became an alcoholic for a short time,(Richard Dreyfuss) after the young death of another, the beloved mother. How by the home view watching of the Seder from one year to the next, the children and the father change and grow, older, more empty and sad. This scene coincides brilliantly with a later scene after the family returns from away only to discover the robbery of some goods and the sports car, which the young man is actually out driving around with the illusion of well being. Later, Jonas wants to take the other fancy home squatter out on the town as friends. Like any good guy brother or cousin, distant relative or otherwise, he brings the sports car, he found in the garage. Disparities of respect which depend upon wealth, clothes, cars and what you look like on the outside are explored along with the fact that most normal people take for granted. That some people only wear what the best they can afford is. And the man, the other squatter has a point. "Because they didn't work for it, they stole it." As in hard labor for a long-term period on someone elses' farm and they hit the Keys on the money they made off of that one. Or you use the business ideas of someone else to profit your large complex, and don't even think one more thought about that person, that and even treating them as if they don't exist. The film Trading Places, the perfect example of the shoe on the other foot beautifully revealed how some management owns the knack to help others grow up to a more affluent attitude. Affluent, meaning more things along the lines of conscientious, respectful, wise & kind.

The grime and dirt marked a skin of an innocent child girl underneath, of the 2014 action film, but it was the wealth of feeling good for a brief moment that graized her good. Granted it is wrong to break into another person's home property, even if just to live there briefly. Interestingly though, the young woman squatter begins to feel guilty about her boyfriend wanting to sale the belongings of the people while they are away. Remembering information from the family home movies, she asks her boyfriend to leave a certain heirloom ring alone, that she saw the away man of the house wearing on the home videos she watched while a brief princess sat upon his cushioned couch. Of course, even as she sank there deep wanting forever, everyone watching the film here of all of the films wants the young boy and girl to learn that through living in the house that they really should not be living in, that the breadth and the feelings that they get from staying in this mission should give them a hope for their own possible better lives. That and coupled with the reality that sometimes there really are people in the world who work hard, if not downright overtime and round-the-clock to keep us down, there are those who the beautiful melodic background music of the piano reminds us really love and pray back too. Sometimes a secret way. Other times more covert. But do. Still do. Tears of the audience may fall for her, the young girl whose perfect fantasy that she married him at on a beautiful tropical island, near a lovely legend volcano and tells her parents he is rich. The same one she always loved. Shocked and surprised by his sudden rags to riches wealth, you can easily see they thought of the daughter as trash at first because of the boy. A young woman and her sibling find out that squatters are living in her home and as the film makes you think of a Patty Smith memoir & We Were Just Kids the new best action film makes a mark. Watch & find out.


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