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Spring into Summer:Celebrating Your Special Occasions in Style

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It’s that time of year again, when you may be planning those momentous occasions including weddings, proms, graduations or family and business events. Now is the time to go all the way, making this a special event by creating memories that will last a lifetime. With photos that speak volumes, from professional shots to selfies, now more than ever you want to look and feel our best. With and impeccable attention to details, such as finding that perfect outfit to choosing a stylist to create magic with your hair and makeup, we are focused on the whole experience. After all, this is your moment to shine and Nelson j Salon is your first step to getting the look you see in all the magazines and online.

Transform your locks into a stunning look for your momentous event!
Nelson j

“LA is all about looking your best at important business and social events, where it’s an evening cocktail, afternoon tea, school graduation, high school prom, wedding or a bridal shower,” says Nelson Chan, celebrity stylist and founder of Nelson j Salon, recently featured in InStyle’s prestigious Black Book, Allure’s Directory and on Extra TV show. “Thus we decided to institute a new special event package that offers hair and makeup services on site, which will make the Nelson j client feel and look extra special at an important event – or on their big day.”

With a glut of celeb stylists in Los Angeles who have A-list celebs attached to their names, how many are really gifted and can bring out the best in the average person? It may be easy to make a super-model or a pampered celeb look like the star they are. But for someone who doesn’t have the time to be pampered weekly, it takes a super talented artist to bring out the radiance. Nelson j is able to transform you and your locks into a Queen for a day! The salon also boasts the best treatments from conditioning to picture perfect makeup application. Like most top salons in Beverly Hills, there is a diverse range of color, cut, conditioning, straightening, massage, and manicure/pedicure services.

When you go to the A-list stylists who are known for their super-star client list, sometimes you may feel like a nobody, especially with Leah Remini or Lady Gaga sitting in the next chair. But Nelson is a guy that makes you feel at home.

“I have an easygoing, down-to-earth personality and tend to attract those types of customers, including celebrity clients, who are that way. So my clients who work in movies and TV – they are, most of the time, really nice. They are really reasonable and not crazy – although there a lot of celebrities in Hollywood who are crazy. You know, I have worked with them once in a while, but we don’t click. Those types of customers don’t stay with me. People, who are crazy or take a lot of drugs, they just don’t stay with me for some reason.”

If you are located within 10 miles of Beverly Hills he will send his team of experts to style, makeup and transform you on your special occasion. If you live further there is an extra charge, and if you have other people that are included in the event, there are special packages for one or a few, in addition to special services such as eyelash application, airbrushing, hair extension rental or purchase.

Are you an overcommitted executive, super busy socialite, industry special event goer, full time mom, to super star who expects red-carpet ready results for the paparazzi? Nelson j will transform you into the vision of your best self. If you’re the super-savvy style conscious fashionista, plan ahead by checking out the flat rate packages and add ons.

"The greatest feeling is when you walk into the salon with unconditioned, frizzy locks that have split ends and dull color and then within an hour or two you walk out with a head-turner style that makes you feel like a star.”

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