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Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours is a haunting good time

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Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours


Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours isn't your average tour. The tour guides don’t walk aimlessly around Seattle trying to scare the pants off of unsuspecting tourists. In fact, those looking for a scary tour filled with mystical beings and made up ghostly tales are in for a surprise. Without giving away too many secrets, here is a sneak peak of a tour.

The tour begins at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop in Seattle, Washington and takes people on an adventure around Pioneer Square, the surrounding area, and even underground. On the night of my tour, I had the pleasure of being escorted by Ross Allison, one of the owners of Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours. With over twenty years of paranormal investigation experience, authoring several books, appearing on national television, and teaching classes at a university level, it’s safe to say Ross is an expert in the field of everything ghost related. Therefore, he doesn't settle for fake ghost stories or planned theatrical hype. Instead, Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours specializes in creating an environment based on facts and personal experiences.

Ross met the crowd dressed in full costume with a top hat and traditional Victorian gentleman formal wear. This really sets the mood for the adventure, but don’t be fooled. While he appears to have stepped out from another time and place, he has many modern items hiding in his tote bag. Those secrets will be revealed.

The first of his modern-day helpers come to life immediately. The tour guide wears a microphone to help the crowd hear the stories and directions. The tour starts with a history lesson on the name of the city. Along the way, there are many stops on the 90-minute tour. At each stop, brings another true ghost story. As the tour guide tells the story, they also share visuals on an iPad. These images and videos directly connect to each story and add to the mystery and depth of the tales. At one location, the guide shares evidence of an EVP or electronic voice phenomena collected while investigating the site. This audio clip made several in the crowd jump.

At several of the locations, the tour visits the inside of the buildings and gives the crowd a hands on feel for the stories. Imagine hearing a ghost story and then being told, you are standing on the exact spot where a man committed suicide many years ago. Is it terrifying? Not really, but it certainly brings the brain to life in a hurry.

This isn't an experience of sitting around the campfire and telling ghost stories. It’s a history lesson, a touch of ghost hunting, a lot of laughter and excitement, and fun for the entire family. Those wanting to learn more about the ghosts which haunt Seattle or looking for a unique adventure should seek this tour.

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