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Spontaneous Remission; Radical Remission

Spontaneious Remission


Spontaneous Remission is being renamed 'Radical Remission.'

Cancer is currently the second leading cause of death in the United States. Most people will undergo chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery. But what about those people who heal without adequate medical treatment? This issue has been a vastly understudied.

Dr. Kelly Turner, supported by a Doctoral Level Training Grant in Oncology from the American Cancer Society, a Fellowship from UC Berkeley, and by a Dean’s Normative Time Fellowship, did her dissertation on precisely this imperative.

Why do some people heal and others not? And why not ask these survivors and the alternative practitioners and doctors that may be involved what happened for them that turned their illness to wellness?

Dr. Kelly questioned 3 physicians, 47 alternative healers and 20 survivors from 11 countries, why they personally believe they were able to overcome their illness. The findings are in her book, 'Radical Remission.'

The book reveals six treatments and three underlying theories that elicited a 'sense of coherence' (SOC) that changed the course of their lives. Coherence is the extent to which someone feels their life and conditions in their life are manageable, understood, and meaningful.

It became clear the health emerged when -

- sufferers were willing to change the underlying conditions that allowed their particular cancer to thrive

- they understood that their energy was somehow blocked from expression

- and they knew that their body was equally as important as their minds and spirits

The other important message in the book is the information emphasizing the fact that, every person’s healing journey is unique.

Hopefully, researchers will continue on and use the results of this study to further our understanding of the human design.

"We have a complicated mind-body system. Everyone has different change they need to make in order to heal. You don't need to wait for western medicine to figure it out. You can harness your own body intelligence, deepen your connection to Source and ignite a healing process. Some people need to leave their spouse, some need to leave donuts or their house, or bring more joy into their life and let go of the past and forgive."

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