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Splinter Cell: Conviction Deniable Ops (PC) review

The main menu of Deniable Ops.
The main menu of Deniable Ops.
Ken Kriho

Splinter Cell: Conviction Deniable Ops


Deniable Ops/Co-op/Multiplayer is Splinter Cell Conviction’s multiplayer, replacing Spies vs. Mercenaries this time around. Players can take control of one of two characters: Archer (representing the Third Echelon) and Kestrev (representing the Voron). There are three game modes (five in co-op/Multiplayer), and players can customize the game (and their character) to their liking.

Modes-The modes are quite interesting to say the least, and each game mode is a different experience each time you play.

Gameplay-Gameplay for the most part remains the same as Conviction (emphasis on stealth), but with some minor changes. The first change is the objectives itself. In Hunter, the main objective is to reach a checkpoint by any means necessary, and kill the enemies. Last Stand’s objective is to defend an EMP generator from waves of enemies. Infiltration is like Hunter, but the main catch is if you get caught, it’s game over. Face off is like Hunter, except you’ll be hunting each other with enemies looking out for both of you. And co-op is just like its name; two players working together to complete the mission.

Direction-While it is a breath of fresh air to try something new (and in this case, it does pay off), but in the long run, Deniable Ops doesn’t have the same charm that Spies vs. Mercenaries had, as this mode seemed to have a greater emphasis on teamwork with each other rather than team work against your opponents. But one plus side to this is that if you need some practice on stealth, then Deniable Ops is for you.

Overall-Deniable Ops is a unique little gem, but don’t count on playing this mode often, as the overall experience feels a little underdone, and if there were more competitive modes (or at least four players), then Deniable Ops would’ve been better.

Score: 3/5

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