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Spirit Animal defends Park Ranger from paranormal attacks

Paranormal mystery novel
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Peacemaker by Marianne de Pierres


Marianne de Pierres latest novel "Peacemaker" is a fusion between the paranormal urban fantasy and detective novel. De Pierres lets the paranormal mystery unfold gradually. While there are plenty of instances of attacks and counters by spirit animals, there is no great reveal. We have to slowly come to grips with the role of the paranormal. It keeps the suspense higher. The reader will have to judge whether de Pierres is successful.

Virgin Jackson (what a name) is a park ranger at a great preserved wilderness park in the Outback. There has been a drug bust at the park. The authorities are worried that the criminals could imperil the park and the tourism there. Jackson is being partnered up with Nate Sixkiller, the grandson of a legendary American Indian lawman, who is being flown in. But before she can pick him up, Jackson witnesses a murder in the Park and is attacked and clawed by a mysterious crow. The crow wound will not stop bleeding! This is not the only visit from strange paranormal animals. Jackson also sees her familiar or disincarnate - Aquila a large wedge tailed Eagle, which she has not seen since she was 15. Aquila fights off another large crow when someone tries to kidnap Jackson right from her room. Sixkiller kills the intruder.

Soon there is action a plenty as Jackson and Sixkiller get involved in an odd gang war between the two leading factions in the City. They find an odd totem on someone following them. There are other crow attacks against Jackson and Sixkiller. Why is Jackson being targeted? Why are their more sightings of crows? Who is the new gang muscling into town?

Jackson will have to trust her new partner and her disincarnate to figure who is attacking not only her park but her world.

Its a pretty interesting novel. Jackson and Sixkiller are good characters. I thought de Pierres could have done a little more, but she does a lot with the little we get here and the ending is open for the inevitable sequel.

This paranormal spirit animal novel arrives in the bookstore on April 29, 2014. Give it a chance.

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