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Spider Dreams

A group of male spiders head out in search of female mates and love lights up the Apple Valley, California venue where the film took place.


By Julie D. Griffin

 "Roaming at dusk and after dark, sometimes in large numbers, the males go in search of a willing female. They hunt to find her silk-lined burrow marked with a scent indicating she’s looking for a mate." Said E. Bay, CA Park wrote Sharol Nelson-Embry.
Universal Studios (1955)

The desert looks like the perfect place for several things. Tarantula Rock by the girl band Graveyard Ghouls. And a man to stroll through a bevy of breezy plateau gateways wearing nothing but pajamas and a wolf face. (Hairstyle by Joan S. Gregg) A large and hairy 2-story Tarantula for another thing, which is the final stage of the disease, next, doc shows up on the scene to deliver some twins, the cutest you ever seen. It seems that at some seasons of the year throughout all of Hollywood, California the mighty male tarantula for real, much like The Mighty Quinn pounds his hairy chest and leaves his home to find a female mate. And as if a small craft plane and stained glass church window manage the idea of a dead wolf man named Eric Jacobs ~ The progenitor of the spider projected disease for which no earthly known therapy or medicine exists does not even begin to compare to a rejection of one Oscar nominee and the song which well earns reinstatement, Alone Yet Not Alone. Due to the important ethical message so important to our society, the song which illustrates the film story of the grief of the true story of young daughters ripped from birth parents during a swift heinous and cruel decision, the innocent, naive and therefore as unknowing as the female children portrayed of the film, Alone Yet Not Alone, the advertising publicity presented which seemed to spur the resulting removal of the song, seemed similar to the same kind of nature exhibited by spiders in heat and the child kidnappers of the film at question. At the same time, the composite comparitive of the 1955 horror film Tarantula alert an audience of discernment to many other things as well. At only six days of White Rat nutrient injection, the creature ever the average invader, as the spider waits until the skin of the fly splits wide open before he will eat it, according to Horror Film Host Svengoolie, of the Screaming Yellow Theater, once the great tarantula engages from the experimental lab of doc though, things get more and really hairy. Two big shots holed up in the desert some twenty miles out are up to no good, and it appears that only Clint Eastwood may appear chivalrous to save the day. The most important thing we learn though through each character of the horror thriller stresses is finding out which hotel to stay at ~ That and not minding how long you have to sit down and wait to meet a person of prominent importune. All of this along with the motif of the passion of a spider during a valentine mating season time, is enough to make a girl do one of two things, scream and run or just sit back and enjoy the ride.