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Spheroku review: the 3D Sudoku puzzle


Spheroku Puzzle


Literally putting a new spin on Sudoku puzzles, Spheroku is a color Sudoku in sphere form. It can be rotated and gives a fresh new visual appeal to a puzzle that many might consider boring. For those who are not fans of grids of numbers or black and white puzzles, Spheroku provides a great alternative.

Available on iOS and Android, Spheroku is one puzzle not to miss out on. It offers a free version of the app, which doesn’t seem to lack much from the full version. The paid version is $3.99 and comes jam-packed with many more puzzles to solve.

As for graphics, that is certainly the puzzle’s best quality. Solving a Sudoku puzzle in 3D isn’t something that’s easy to describe. It feels like a natural extension from the basic puzzle, yet it helps to view it in an entirely different, more artistic light.

That said, it is more difficult to solve a Sudoku when you can’t see the entire puzzle at once. This along with a significant loading time and the touch-screen control makes the tablet version far more recommended. Tablets typically have better processors and can more easily handle the graphics, cutting down on puzzle load time. The larger screen also makes it easier to learn how to spin the sphere – small, slow swipes on a large screen are far more effective.

If spheres don’t seem very appealing, another great feature is the array of other options provided, even in the free version. The puzzle can also be solved on a flat grid, with either colors or numbers. For yet another experience altogether, there is a sphere option with numbers.

The only real nit-pick here would be the menu and general interface. It feels a bit awkward at times – there is no selected color, so you always have to choose a color before selecting a cell to put it in. Also, once a color is completed, there is no indication of this on the color selectors. Regardless, it is easy to learn and certainly functional rather than obtrusive. That’s more than can be said for a lot of touch-screen puzzles.

Spheroku offers several difficulty levels, so puzzlers can choose the one that is right for their skill. Overall it is a very impressive new idea, well-executed and offered for free, with an upgrade available as well. Avid Sudoku fans would be seriously out of line to pass this one up.

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