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Spence in 2014

Live acoustic performance


“If you like My Darkest Day’s you might like Spence.”
This was the tag line in an ad on Facebook that was run over a year ago. I must have seen it over 30 times before I decided to actually click on it. When I did I was pleasantly surprised. Although the initial music intro seemed to be a ballad I continued to listen with an open mind. The first words I hear were “Hello my so-called friend, you left this in my back…” which triggered some pretty graphic mental images.
I think we can all relate to this circumstance, right? I think everyone has experienced this an had that gut wrenching feeling that goes with it when we realize we have been betrayed by someone we confided in with misplaced trust. It in was not very often that I have found music that I like the instant I hear it but this connection was undeniable. They had me at “Hello”.
Listen to the song by clicking here and draw your own initial conclusion. Then listen to this.
The song Memory is from the Noir EP released in 2012. I think this is their best work by far. Front man Daniel was honest in his review of their early work. I have reviewed their older EP’s and it is evident that they were trying to discover their identity as a band. Now that they have a definite direction to move I can see only an upward rise for this band. Daniel reports that the business is good.
This band is always on the move and usually stops in South Bend to play. Why stop there? Well because of the awesome fan base, of course! It’s always nice to see a familiar face so they perform at Cheer’s whenever they can. Last week they did a special acoustic show there with no cover charge. That meant fans had more money to spend on the music and merchandise available. Fans could choose from Spence guitar pick earrings and bracelets to shirts, CD’s and even a long list of packages that could include personal performances.
Despite the long wait for Spence to arrive fans were accommodating due to the poor weather conditions that the band had to drive through to get to Cheer’s. Weather was a popular topic of conversation since a huge storm was supposed to dump yet another 8-10 inches of snow that evening. I am sure this was as memorable an evening for the band as it was for the fans and not just because of the poor weather conditions.
Spence was presented with a gift from a very artistic fan, local artist Teri Lynn Vaughn had painted a canvas collage of their album covers and presented it as a gift to the band. I know from experience that Daniel keeps all these type of things very close to his heart.
Travel safe my friends, this year looks promising.
For more info on Spence look here.

FANtastic music appreciation!
Teri Lynn Vaughn
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