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SpeedyPassword: Password Manager for the Masses

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British Columbia is no stranger to innovation in the technology sector. With the Pacific Northwest also being one of the most popular retirement locations, it make sense that one company out of Vancouver Island is attempting to offer an affordable technology solutions to less tech-savvy customers.

SpeedyPassword is a free password manager that focuses on providing basic online account security and education for its users.

Most interesting of the innovations is the use of a Recovery Image to restore your account password. The Recovery image is used to encrypt the Master Password when enabled, and the exact image must be uploaded if a user wishes to retrieve a lost Master Password.

Another interesting innovation is the option to use a quick-launch homepage, similar to the Chrome Start page. This offers the user a more accessible search bar, as well as the option to quickly select from a list of favorite sites, recent sites, password sites, and bookmarks.

The user interface is efficient and enables users to store and protect their login credentials while logged into the browser app. Auto-login allows you to skip typing in your passwords every time, which is a bonus for forgetful people, slow typers, and those concerned about keyloggers. You can turn auto-login off in the Settings. The Settings page also lets you to automatically log out after a period of inactivity, remember your username, export passwords, and disable the homepage.

SpeedyPassword lacks some of the more advanced features of KeePass and LastPass, but for a basic password manager it has the benefit of lacking confusing jargon and supporting the average computer user in securing their online accounts.


  • Free
  • Clean, attractive, user-friendly design
  • Quick install workflow
  • Supports multiple usernames for one site
  • Imports and removes insecure browser passwords
  • Master Password never transmitted in plaintext
  • Automatic username and password capture
  • Built-in password generator
  • Security tips regarding password reuse
  • Integrated with all modern web browsers
  • Innovative recovery image stops hacking attempts
  • Export passwords to Excel


  • Would be nice to see two-factor authentication
  • New and upgrades are still coming
  • Doesn't support IE 9 and lower at this time
  • Only disables offer to save browser passwords in Firefox
  • No enterprise or premium version
  • No digital wallet integration
  • No mobile version

SpeedyPassword isn't the first free password manager to appeal to less technical audiences. Dashlane has also done a great job with this. With the proliferation of social media, rise of security breaches, and issues like the Heartbleed bug, people are more concerned about their account safety online.

You can contact SpeedyPassword on Twitter or download the password manager to learn more.

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