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“Speck-tacular” CandyShell Amped Case Cranks up the Volume

Speck product CandyShell Amped


Speck continues to rock the smartphone, tablet and laptop market with protective and functional case designs complete with bold colors and the thinnest materials. Speck’s new CandyShell Amped propels their product line with a smart design that utilizes the science of how sound travels without any extra power requirements whatsoever. The CandyShell Amped cranks up the iPhone volume while maintaining a sleek, slim and protective design.

The CandyShell AMPED doubles the sound quality of the iPhone 5/5S. The cleverly designed case has been engineered to amplify the volume through a highly engineered audio channel that directs the sound waves while equalizing the sound output. No extra battery power is needed nor does the case design use up any power. And since Bluetooth isn’t required to wirelessly turn up the volume, you won’t be draining the battery life. These are all reasons to check out the CandyShell Amped.

The perfect opportunity to use the CandyShell Amped is to raise the volume when using your iPhone as a GPS navigator. Nowadays we rely more and more on our smartphone as a GPS device. But by themselves, the built-in, unadorned speakers are often difficult to hear above the noise of the moving traffic. Solution? The Speck CandyShell Amped case.

For a look at the Amped-Up case, check out this video that details the complete architecture and how it works.

The case retails for $44.95 and coms in 3 choices right now, Cadet Blue/Caribbean Blue, Bubblegum Pink/Flamingo Pink, Black/Slate Grey.

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