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Special ID

Donnie Yen is a deep undercover cop
Donnie Yen is a deep undercover copPersonal DVD collection

Special ID


Donnie Yen plays a cop that has been deep undercover for years. But his goal is to be reinstated full-time as a police officer and he is given one last assignment; then his dream may come true. Reluctantly he forced to watch men that work for him in the criminal world suffer. And is chastised by his boss on the police force for showing criminals compassion.

Unfortunately for him rival gangs are out for complete control. This puts his life in danger several times. And he is in the middle of it.The beginning of the movie he has to fight a crime boss after watching his men tortured. No one can be trusted, and after a failed assassination attempt, he is forced to fight the men of a criminal he considers a friend. The restaurant fight is nonstop action and his the highlight of the film. The odds are massive against Yen, but he uses whatever's around to fight the swarm of men.

Gangsters are being killed off. And even his fellow police officers begin to question his loyalties. Yen's character is constantly proving himself to the criminals and the police. And his mother is supportive of him, which causes more anguish for his character.

Slow between the action, once you make it half way thru Special ID, you're treated to some great fight scenes with realistic moves. The last fight on an uncompleted highway is gritty and straight to the point.

Donnie Yen mixes several forms of martial arts in the choreography, which helps to make him a martial arts film star. Unfortunately the acting and the dialogue are not that great. Possible that some of it is lost in translation from Cantonese.

Donnie Yen fans will not be disappointed once he starts to kick the action into gear. There are also definite moments where wires are being used. And the car chase sequence gets a little too unrealistic at some points.

The behind the scenes extras on the DVD are entertaining. And watching fight sequences being choreographed makes you wonder why Donnie Yen is not a bigger action star outside of China.