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Come Enjoy an Enchanting Walk through History August 16th & 17th, 2014
Come Enjoy an Enchanting Walk through History August 16th & 17th, 2014
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A historical military event


Regardless of what’s on your summer agenda if you have a military interest the Southern Ontario Military Muster (“SOMM”) is definitely an event worth attending. Held the weekend of August 16th and 17th, 2014 in historical Essex, Ontario, the event will be rich in military history and education. Last year’s Muster was a success. See

Aside from the upcoming Muster the latest endeavor of SOMM entails erecting a replica spitfire and a plaque honouring some 400 air men from the Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force. What’s unique about this launch is the notion the plane will be painted as it was on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

True to its’ motto, SOMM’s vision is to: “Preserve, Honour, Perpetuate and Educate in Memory of those Who Served”. As evidenced in last year’s event SOMM’s preservation of an assimilated battle scene is didactic, it honour’s the soldier’s lifestyle, perpetuates thought about the rigors of military life and educates our young about the selfless contributions of military members. Both Canadians and Americans unite for this event as do many British. In fact, as SOMM’s Event Brochure opines: “What makes this event so unique is that we invite everyone – Veterans, military personnel, cadets, civilians, vintage military vehicle owners, reenactors from all eras, historians, vendors, games and not for profit Veteran and historical community groups together for two days of living history.” The Brochure further discloses this year’s Event will “explore a World War I trench, experience the sights and sounds of a World War II battle re-enactment, see encampments and talk to reenactors, see exhibits and learn what life was like at home and abroad during wartime.” Essentially SOMM’s goal is to honour the Veteran be it American, Canadian, or British.

The Muster is not SOMM’s only benefit. Throughout the year SOMM “attends and brings vintage military vehicles to Veteran ceremonies and community events.” SOMM’s hope is that “We encourage the public to explore history to understand and appreciate the sacrifices given for the freedom we have today.” The Muster definitely educates us and explores military history extensively.

“One of the largest military shows today”, the Annual Southern Ontario Military Muster Event is SOMM’s primary charitable program. SOMM is highly involved in military preservation, honouring, and perpetuating the memory of soldiers. Through education the public can learn the sacrifices both CAF members and U.S. Military members made to bring us everyday freedoms. An Event well worth the visit. Mark your calendars for the weekend of August 16th and 17TH, 2014 for an enchanting and enriching historical weekend and plan on attending the Southern Ontario Military Muster. You will be glad you did.

See the attached link for a map to this event.

To stay updated with SOMM events or sign up for news updates see http://militarymuster/.

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