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South Windsor Wildlife Sanctuary, South Windsor Connecticut

The view from South Windsor Wildlife Sanctuary.
The view from South Windsor Wildlife Sanctuary.
Photo Copyright belongs to Jeffrey Burke

South Windsor Wildlife Sanctuary


Just off Neiderwerfer Road this trail system may not be what you might think when you first come here. Heavy brush block viewing of the woods ahead of you, and the smell of the farm nearby is present. There is a nice fresh pathway partly made of woodchips, that lead you in either of two directions but eventually the trail loops. Take the right trail. Head down through the woods; take the second right at the end of this trail. Then take the path that’s goes under the power lines.

Chevy looking at the valley.
Photo Copyright belong to Jeffrey Burke

Power lines are pretty exciting if you have never been under one. You can hear the noise and the electricity passing through here. So long as your not climbing them you can cross safely through here and marvel at the massive electric grid that runs through here. Kids love it!!

Once you get through to the other side you will notice a field to the right and a trail heading down hill to the left, that runs along the perimeter of a stone wall to the neighborhood below. Be careful since the trail system is unmarked here and not properly marked elsewhere. Keep note of where you are, because this is a big trail system and there are no maps.

Take the trail to the right and head into the field you will be graced with the presence of the valley below. This hillside is a little known sledding area and part of the South Windsor Wildlife Sanctuary. Your not even close to seeing the true excitement of this place until you venture out to the highest point in South Windsor.

Just past the field you head to the far corner and the city of Hartford will appear before you like a great big stage curtain the trees hide the view. Kids can look around on the far corner for the marker that marks this as the highest point in South Windsor.

Please enjoy the view for a while, have a picnic in the field which will soon be filled with wildflowers. You can find this amazing little place at Neiderwerfer Road, South Windsor CT.