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South Park- The Stick of Truth: Review

South Park The Stick of Truth


Now I won't hold it back when I say it, I love South Park. I guess I just like the more raunchy and rude jokes. And that is exactly what they deliver. However, when I heard that they were making a game, I sort of overlooked it, which was my biggest regret. I had a blast playing this game and I have no hesitation in suggesting it to anyone who can stomach inappropriate humor.

Steam profile picture for the game
South Park Studios

This game was created by South Park Studios, the people behind the T.V show, teamed up with Obsidian, the good people behind well known Fallout: New Vegas. The result was some pretty strong gameplay. The controls were pretty fluent and didn't detract from the gameplay.

On that note, the combat (yes there's a lot of that) was really well executed. There were plenty of options on how to fight your battles and they were all well executed. I enjoyed watching the summons, special abilities, and basic attacks. All of them had a tinge of that south park humor. If you are thinking which game to compare it to, my answer is a JRPG where you take turns performing your attack with a team.

This yields pretty smooth results, and the moves don't take too long so gameplay isn't that slow. along with that there is a healthy amount of side quests and hidden secrets for you to get lost in, but the game isn't too huge so you don't feel like you are getting truly lost.

I personally couldn't find any problems with the game aside from a couple points where the game got ridiculous. For example, there was this one time, I had to perform an abortion (yah, this will be the only time you ever hear me say this ;) enjoy it now) and I was using an xbox controller. I had to go to the mouse because the game just would not let me proceed with the controller and it got ridiculously difficult. There's this other quest where I got to find the christmas poo kids and I just couldn't find the last little bugger.

Aside from that.. It's an amazing game. Check it out if you are old enough to play. It is currently available on Steam for $59.99

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