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South Park: The Stick of Truth in a Paragraph

The most fun you'll have LARPing all year.
The most fun you'll have LARPing all year.Obsidian Entertainment

South Park: The Stick of Truth


Some licenses have a harder time making the transition from passive to interactive media than others; South Park in particular has seen several iterations come and go that couldn't quite replicate the show's trademark look, shock, or humor in suitable combination. South Park: The Stick of Truth not only fixes this issue in spades but manages to also provide a comprehensive - if not terribly subtle - satire of RPGs and video games in general. Combat is turn-based and built around action prompts with a healthy amount of overworld puzzling and exploration inbetween, making this feel like a long-lost member of the Paper Mario family with a penchant for constantly one-upping itself in terms of universal offensiveness. Fans of the show will get more out of Stick of Truth based on general subject matter (namely in the sheer density of references to its source material), but those not in the know can still enjoy it for the intuitive, unfortunately brief, boundary-pushing RPG-lite experience it is.