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SouperSalad-A family-friendly way to eat healthy

Souper Salad Restaurant


It was Friday night, and my family was hungry for something different. I decided to go out on a limb, and suggest to my meat-loving family a dinner at the local SouperSalad. My husband quickly shot the idea down until he discovered I had a coupon that allowed us to eat for 4.99 a person. He said he would give it a try.

We arrived around 5:30 and the place was not busy at all. That concerned me a bit, but we went on in. I was not pleased with the prices, because, even with the coupon, out total was over $30.00 for four people. After paying for our dinners, we headed to the first bar, which turned out to be the fresh salad bar. I was looking forward to the salads since the pictures on SouperSalad’s website made the salads look soooo fresh and crisp. Another disappointment, the salads looked wet and mushy. After contemplating this for a moment, I decided it must be very hard to keep salads crispy and fresh. I filled my plate, and went to our table to enjoy my meal.

After a moment the server, came and took our drink order. Before we had even settled in to eat our first plates, she had our drinks to us. I had ordered the green tea and was thrilled to discover it was unsweetened. It is hard to find green tea without either sugar or aspartame. On our second trip to the bar, my husband discovered the potato bar, the girls enjoyed the taco area, and I went for the four-alarm chili, which was quite good. Both girls thought the taco meat looked and smelled like cat food, but once they tried it, they enjoyed the tacos very much. We ended the meal with trips to the ice cream and fruit bars.

Overall, I was pleased with the meal, and my family’s reaction to it. The girls went to the bar multiple times getting plenty of fruit and vegetables. I asked each of them if they would like to eat at SouperSalad again. My husband and both girls stated they would eat here again, but not too often. My review of SouperSalad matched theirs. I enjoyed it, but would not eat there more than a few times a year. I fear our reaction was because the food was too healthy for our tastes.