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Sound Strider Intrepid Travels EP: Houston we have a psychedelic problem

Intrepid Travels EP Cover
Intrepid Travels EP CoverSound Strider

Intrepid Travels EP


If you’ve ever been lucky enough to work the food industry or any customer service industry, you more than likely have found yourself—at some point—driving home in the dead of night. You’re elated to be cut from the sideshow they had you running, but you’re exhausted. This time you’ll cling to your wages and drive straight for the comforts of home. The windows are down as you speed through desolate intersections ornamented with dormant traffic lights. Local radio stations are spinning the only music they can muster at such an ungodly hour: a cacophonous trip hop groove, blaring from whatever speakers still function in that deathtrap you call a Civic. Transient jumbles of electronica crawl into your ear like a robotic fly with some jacked up glitch. Not surprisingly you welcome the infestation of hypnotic rhythms, undulating bass lines, and sampled sound bites of dead political figures from long ago… what the hell’s wrong with you? Nothing, it’s the right music at the right time, and your numb state of transcendence proffers credence to the notion.

Whether predicated by exhaustion or some form of psychedelic, Sound Strider’s Intrepid Travels EP will launch you into a corner of the galaxy you never knew existed. Chalked-full with elements of psychedelic funk, rhythmic breakbeats, and glitched-up electronic dance, the EP is a five-track voyage through cosmic surrealism, so hold on to your butts.

So who is he? Sound Strider is a moniker for the Australian born electronic artist Sam Waks. Currently Sam is touring through Western Europe’s underground music scene playing everywhere from abandoned chateaus to crowded ‘teknivals’ spreading the unique sounds of Intrepid Travels. Waks’ sound has been classified by some as intelligent dance music (IDM), techno, and/or psybient. Some argue it’s premature, others are happy to be space cadets along for the ride. Decide for yourself. The self-released EP can be found here: Intrepid Travels EP.