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SoulPancake web series: Have A Little Faith premiere

Have A Little Faith web series


Since it's launch in 2009 SoulPancake has done a plethora of projects in the spirituality, creativity, religion, arts, and philosophy arenas. Although not affiliated with any particular religion or religious organization, the media company, co-founded by Rainn Wilson, has created an enviable platform to share spiritual ideas (without beating a person over the head with it) in some unique and exceptional ways.

One of SoulPancake's latest endeavors is the Have a Little Faith video series hosted by Zach Anner; Anner being "a self-proclaimed religious idiot" coming to learn more about faith, and different religions.

Have A Little Faith premiered Friday with its first episode featuring a Muslim community in Los Angeles! The description of SoulPancake webisode entitled Take Your Shoes Off, Pray Awhile, published Oct 4, 2013:

In this first episode of Have a Little Faith, self-proclaimed religious idiot Zach Anner heads to the Islamic center of Southern California, to visit with 19 year old Marwa, and join her afternoon prayer.

In the 10 minute episode, Marwa gives a wonderful explanation of her religious views and upbringing and after only a few moments, it is easy to see why she was chosen for the featurette.

At around the 3:20 mark when Anner asks if she was raised in Islam, Marwa's only response was that her parents brought her up in the "Arab culture" which, in actuality, does not answer the posed question and generates confusion as evidenced by the comments (Arab culture includes the Chaldeans, Copts, and Druze communities, all of which are not aligned with Islamic theology). But the slight snafu may just be the preference of the show's directors or editors.

Of course it was an excellent decision to debut the show with a Muslim themed episode, considering Islam is arguably the most controversial religion in this political age.

With already over 15,000 views in two days, the series seems to be fairing well for the SoulPancake Youtube Channel. We certainly want to give SoulPancake a pat on the back for a job well done! #RockOn

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