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Soul Kitchen

Don't Pose
Don't Pose
Photo taken by Gaia Best

music [nid:22701611] of Soul Kitchen on Maui


Friday Night a group of us made our way to Mulligan's to hear some live music and have a bite to eat.

The reason we chose Mulligan's was because Soul Kitchen was playing. This group has caught my attention on a number of occasions here on Maui.

I wanted to experience this night when they focused on Women in Music.

Herstorical women (you would know that as historical women).

I wanted to see what this upcoming band had to offer.

My friends and I enjoyed ourselves as we walked into the past and listened to arrangements and renditions of songs that spanned a number of decades.

We were appreciative of the efforts of this group, Soul Kitchen that focused on their lead vocalist.

You can learn more about them on their web site and Facebook page.

My friend Andrea Walls played a soulful Violin and the Sax Player also did not disappoint.

Soul Kitchen plays around the Island.

They are worth an evening out with your friends.