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Soul Calibur (Xbox 360) review

Character select screen.  In the Dreamcast version, not all characters were available.
Character select screen. In the Dreamcast version, not all characters were available.
Ken Kriho

Soul Calibur (Xbox 360)


SoulCalibur is a 3 dimensional fighting game release on Sega Dreamcast on September 9th 1999 as a launch title for the Dreamcast, and rereleased on Xbox Live on July 2nd, 2008. The Dreamcast version was developed and published by Namco and republished by Namco Bandai for Xbox Live. The story centers around Soul Edge, a sword owned by Cervantes de Leon, has been broken following his death and a young knight named Siegfried claims the sword but has released the “Evil Seed” and transformed himself into Nightmare.

Soul Calibur: A tale of souls and swords eternally retold
Ken Kriho

Graphics-While the Dreamcast did deliver superb graphics, character models and animation, the Xbox Live version did promise HD, but upon closer inspection, you really won’t notice a huge difference.

Sound-The soundtrack back then and now are still impressive. The music is energetic, sets the mood for the fight perfectly, and fits the character’s home stage very nicely. The Japanese voice acting is good, but not having the option for English voice acting doesn’t help at all.

Gameplay-The gameplay is done perfectly. There is free range of where the fighters can roam, and combat flows smoothly. The emphasis isn’t on performing crazy combos, but rather knowing when and where to strike your opponent. While there is a lot of memorizing moves, the vast majority of them are short and simple to execute. You can charge your characters up to do more damage, but best used sparingly.

Legacy-It really was no surprise that when this game came out in the arcades and on Dreamcast, it would bring forth both critical and commercial success. Sequels were without a doubt in the making following this success.

Overall-If you missed out on the actual arcade or Dreamcast versions; pick up the Xbox Live version. You’ll have the sense of nostalgia when you play this game. The only drawback is the lack of unlockables.

Score: 5/5

You can get Soul Calibur on Xbox Live

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