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'Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure:' It's 'The Princess Diaries' & YouTube

Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure


Sometimes, the oddest thing will wind up in my in-box of things to review. Such is the case of the “Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure” DVD (also available on Blu-Ray) that hits retail shelves on May 20. I usually review animation DVDs and while most animation is targeted for children, this children's DVD is not animated. But Sophia Grace & Rosie are definitely a pair of animated children, so that's enough to file this as Animation for now. At the very least, “Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure” is the type of children's film that would air in the weekend afternoon after a cable channel's long cartoon block.

Front cover of the "Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure" DVD.
Warner Bros.

Upon receiving “Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure,” my first question was “Who the Benedict Cumberbatching heck are Sophia Grace & Rosie?” followed immediately with my second question of “Why the Benedict Cumberbatching heck do Sophia Grace & Rosie exist?”

The answers to both my questions lie in Ellen DeGeneres. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres was the one who discovered Sophia Grace & Rosie on YouTube singing to a Nicki Minaj song. She found them cute and marketable enough to pluck them from YouTube obscurity and put them on her “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” After a few red carpet correspondent gigs, Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros. has given the pint-sized duo a chance to star in their own movie with “Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure” on Blu-Ray and DVD. A "Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie" activity booklet is also included for added entertainment.

“Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure” pits the titular Sophia Grace & Rosie as Ellen DeGeneres' correspondents to the coronation of the new queen of the fictional country of Switzelvania, which will take place as soon as the best princess is chosen. The two kids meet the princess who they feel is most qualified but she needs a little more coaching to be more princess-like. Naturally, this coaching involves singing, dancing, tutus, tiaras, and lots of pink. So “Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure” is pretty much “The Princess Diaries” mixed with antics worthy of YouTube minus the charm of Anne Hathaway.

Children's programming usually packs in a moral for its audience to learn; so what does “Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure” teach its audience?
1. Anyone with a YouTube account, kids, and a bit of luck has a chance to be the next Internet celebrity.
2. The popularity of afternoon talk show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres shows how short the average attention span is getting considering they can now YouTube to fill in their entertainment segments.

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