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Sony Pictures brings Last Vegas to Blu-ray and DVD

Last Vegas


Lately it seems as more and more films are bringing numerous icons of one genre or another together in the hopes to bring something legendary to the big screen. Most have been icons of action or the current funny men, but the latest Last Vegas is taking legendary literally and brining acting icons Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline in a Hangover type of story. We all know they have the talent, but does this project do their status justice?

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Sony Pictures

Last Vegas follows four guys who have been friends for over 50 years. When one of them finally decides to get married to his thirty-something girlfriend, they head to Vegas with a plan to relive their glory days, but instead of the Vegas and relationships they remember everything will be tested, but will it change their friendship forever? The trailers and idea of these guys together will hopefully be enough to get people in the seats, because this is a fun movie. These guys are clearly having fun and a great time with each other and in turn make for a great comedy. The story isn’t anything we haven’t seen in some manner, but instead of going the over the top route, they take these guys through some crazy situations, but keep it grounded with some deeper moments. This is not just about them partying, but about these guys trying to find youth and friendship that age has made them forget. The beginning of the film is a bit slow and almost feels to forced as we meet them and see where their life has taken them, but once they get together it is gold. Sure there are some silly moments and rehashed jokes from other comedies but their chemistry and pure talent alone steps this film up. Each of these guys are cast in the perfect character of the group and play it perfectly. They embrace their age, but showcase a young spirit that makes them fun to watch.

The only real issue here is that they never really pushes it as far as they could have. It doesn’t hurt the film, but some of the best moments are those that put them in an awkward or out of place situation and could have been even better. As it stands it is still a great movie and sports a great supporting cast including Mary Steenburgen, Jerry Ferrara, Romany Malco, and Michael Ealy. If you are a fan of any of these legends and who isn’t, you have to check out this film. In addition to the film, this release includes special features including commentaries and numerous featurettes. Join the party and grab your copy of Last Vgas when it hits stores on January 28th.