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Sony brings That Awkward Moment to Blu-ray and DVD

That Awkward Moment


The world of the romantic comedy is usually dominated by the female perspective or at least the formula that works to keep it sweet and passionate. Every so often there is one that comes along that takes a more real male approach to the idea. The latest, That Awkward Moment looks to do just that sporting a decent cast including Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan, but does it deliver the goods or will it just be awkward?

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The Awkward Moment follows best friends who decide that they will not be in relationships to support one that has recently broken up with his wife, but when they find themselves in unexpected relationships it becomes a struggle for the friendship as well as their new found relationships. This may be a romantic comedy of sorts, but it is definitely directed towards the male market. The story is pretty simple and doesn’t offer anything all that new, but makes sure to push the boundaries a bit to make it entertaining. While this story plays up the romance it is clearly geared towards the male audience bringing just enough of the dirty humor to keep them interested, but also sprinkles in the romantic love story that will keep the female audience on board. These guys have great chemistry together that makes their friendship believable and their banter makes it even more so. The formula is a typical by the numbers and could have stepped outside the conventional structure to make this film stand out more, but relied more on the R rating in hopes it would be enough. Thankfully there are a lot of funny moments here and the film manages to stand out as something a bit different, but had they pushed the boundaries a bit more could have been so much more.

With all the usual romantic throwaway comedies that come out it is nice to see one that stands out trying to do something different. Efron, Teller, and Jordan are all great actors and really coming into their own. They do a great job here and will no doubt be bringing a lot to the table in their future projects. This is the perfect film for both guys and girls so if you are a fan of this genre and/or these guys give this film a try.