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'Son of God' will have religious experts talking

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February 28, 2014 was the premier showing of the movie Son of God and the critics are out and expressing themselves. If you didn’t get a chance to see what some people were saying about one film clip (and there are a few out), then take a little time to view some opinions Here.

"Son of God" movie tells the story of Jesus
/ Son of God
"Son of God" movie is a must see, even if you know the story
/ Son of God

To this writer, the story was told the way that the Bible records different events in the life and times of Jesus. As pointed out in the previous article, there could be a lot of speculation on cultures, diversities, customs, and the fact weather Jesus was left handed or right handed. Did He drink Kool Aid, or was that flatbread or not? What does it matter?

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey produced a great movie that invites the unchurched to see who Jesus Christ really is, and the churched to blow the dust off their Bibles and discuss the true occurrences of Jesus’ life. Sure there were some segments in the movie that were taken directly from the TV series of “The Bible”, regardless, the “Son of God” needed those sequences to add to the movie version. Get over it! Nothing was repeated that didn’t need to be repeated.

Some church scholars are also saying that they hope that it would be better than the movie version of “The Passion of the Christ”. Two different movies that tell the same story of a God/man who died for the salvation of mankind. The truth be told, “The Passion of the Christ” may have been to graphical for some people to realize that Jesus really did endure more punishment than what is portrayed in “Son of God”. Nonetheless, “Son of God” is not recommended for little children.

Kudos also go-out to CeeLo Green for his rendition of “Mary Did You Know” which was played at the end of the movie. Take a look at the Related Video to the left of this column and see and hear the dynamic vocal that rendered this a great motion picture.

If you weren’t among the 100,000,000,000 (one hundred million) viewers, any of segments of “The Bible”, you can read and see them here:

The question that I would like to leave with you is: “What Matters Most with the movie ‘Son of God’?”

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