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Son of God movie review

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Son of God (film)


On March 19, 2014 we went to the theatre to see, “Son of God.” Today, March 24, 2014 I have a review of the movie. I know this is a late review, but the movie is still in theatres and I strongly recommend you to go see it and support this great Christian film.

Son of God was produced by Richard Bedser, Mark Burnett, and Roma Downey (The Touched by An Angel star, whom also portrayed Mary, Mother of Jesus in the movie). I really think that this film is the best movie about the Gospel that I have ever seen. The actors were tremendous and they really brought the story to life, the production was top notch and the music by Hans Zimmer was high quality like all of his films.

My mother was visiting from Indiana, so I took her to see this movie as a way to minister to her. When we were done watching, she said that the part where they hurt Christ so badly always gets to her and makes her want to cry. However, this movie touched me more than any previous movie about the crucifixion. The movie was also pretty on the mark Biblically, but there were some parts that I noticed were off. For example: when Lazarus died, it seemed like Jesus didn’t even know him in the movie and they took out the part where “Jesus wept.” Which to me was a very significant scripture, the shortest one in the Bible… but also the one that showed us that Jesus felt emotions just like the rest of us. Other than that, I really enjoyed this movie and I recommend that you take your family to see it before it is out of theatres. It is a really great movie and stay for the end credits, because they show some of the miracles that Christ performed which weren’t in the movie.

I was going to give this movie 4 stars for missing some stuff, but I think that would be harsh as there is no way to make it perfect in the amount of time the movie ran. I really enjoyed it, so I’m giving it 5 stars.