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Sometimes One Man Can Make A Difference A Review For ‘The Attorney’

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The Attorney


Gripping, controversial, and remarkable is the tale of The Attorney which is the new film from director YANG Woo-Seok. It stars SONG Kang-ho, KIM Young-ae, OH Dal-su, KWAK Do-won, and LIM Si-wan. It is the tale of one attorney who at the time was looked down upon for reaching out to the general public. He was one of the first attorneys to give business cards out, do real estate registration and tax work. Not the normal practices for lawyers at the time but it made him enough money to better his situation.

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To make matters worse the country of Korea is fresh from the Korean War and political issues are running rampant. Young kids looking to better themselves are being called communist and their social book clubs are being raided. When it happens to a close friend from his past the attorney pushes his thoughts of money aside and does what he feel is needed in his country, upholding the law.

I really did not know what to expect upon watching The Attorney but was taken back by the intriguing storyline, great character development and solid portrayal of a time forgotten by most. The depths of political corruption found in this movie reach levels that could make your stomach turn. The Attorney is such a rewarding film as we see a man go from a stealing college student, to a successful attorney and the political figure. It’s a journey you would normally see multiple characters in film go through so to see it with just him is astounding.

The Attorney clocks in over 2 hours but you will hardly notice. Similar to most asian film the movies are presented in the style of a play. Where instead of just scenes it feels more like acts that make up a significant moments in SONG Woo-seok life. The Attorney is an inspiring journey that shows you can come from nothing and truly matter in this world.

There are very dark elements found in The Attorney mostly involving what was done to the college kids. Just the idea that because someone wants to read what is deemed persuasive literature (think Romeo and Juliet) that is no reason to feel they are communist. Then to inflict torture upon them to make them believe themselves to be terrorist is undeniably the hardest part to deal with in The Attorney. As a father it is very difficult to see young people treated this way. We should always hope for the youth to explore and understand different philosophies in life. That is how we progress as humans. Like SONG Woo-seok says in the film “This madness is a violation of human rights!”, and once those are taken from us what have we become except monsters. As you can tell I was really touched by this immaculate film and once you see The Attorney you will understand why. This is a moving film with the impact of American leaders like that of Malcolm X or Martin Luther The King Jr.

The Attorney is a smart, bold and praiseworthy film. If you are able to view the film once it gets released I suggest you watch it with your loved ones. Especially if you have older children in the house so they can understand more the luxuries they now possess and how it used to be for kids their age. It was very rewarding to have watched the Attorney and It has been my pleasure to share my thoughts on this film with you. The Attorney is a must see film of 2014.

The Attorney is directed by YANG Woo-Seok and is starring SONG Kang-ho, KIM Young-ae, OH Dal-su, KWAK Do-won, and LIM Si-wan. It will be available on demand and select cities February 7th. It has a running time of 127 mins and is being distributed courtesy of Well Go USA.


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