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Sometimes it’s best to just leave them alone ‘Saving Grace B. Jones’ -DVD review

Saving Grace B Jones


A film that was shown at the St. Louis International Film Fest back in 2009 is the gripping drama thriller from Connie Stevens Saving Grace B. Jones. While it has the feel of a Lifetime channel film it helms an all star cast and noteworthy performances about a tale of an estranged sister returning home. While it’s not the usual scope of the films you will find reviewed here Saving Grace B. Jones is a film that you won’t want to turn away from as you see a family in the midst of a natural disaster coping with a sister fresh from the insane asylum.

"Saving Grace B. Jones is a gripping thriller with a devastating ending!"
ARC Entertainment

Saving Grace B. Jones is a period drama thriller that stars Tatum O’Neal as Grace. A woman who has been locked away in a mental facility for some time. Her loving brother Landy (Michael Biehn) has been desperately trying to bring her home and has the chance to do so. He is warned that even though she has recovered a bit, being away from social interaction for such a long time could cause trouble. What Landy doesn't know is that trouble could cost the whole family.

Saving Grace B. Jones is a coming to age story during one of the fiercest natural disasters in Missouri history. Taking place in Columbia (M-I-Z-Z-O-U) the town must deal with the impending flooding while Grace must try and reconnect with those from her past. Things spiral out of control for her and the last half of the film takes a devastating turn that any genre movie fan would gasp at. Amazing performances by all included provide and entertaining palette of a film. The children actors of film are really the stars as you see them live an existence outside of the dread that surrounds their mothers and fathers. In a time of crisis it’s amazing to see the innocence of the children in the film but that unfortunately leads up to true breaking point of the movie. We really enjoyed the performance of Rylee Fansler who is a leading lady in her own way as her adult version gives the narration of the film. She is truly the anchor of the tale as she is there for each family member in their time of need.

This film is a drama so our horror readers may not be interested in this titled. Similar to the upcoming film Cold In July by Jim Mickle Saving Grace B. Jones is a tale that shows the darker side of life that any genre fan can appreciate. While its not a must see on any list of films this year it’s an intriguing watch that the entire family can find worth in .

Saving Grace B. Jones is directed by Connie Stevens and stars Michael Biehn, Tatum O'Neal, Penelope Ann Miller and Scott Wilson. It is now available on DVD and is being released courtesy of ARC Entertainment.