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Some Songs, Terri Clark's New Album Hits All The Right Notes

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Terri Clark-Some Songs


Terri Clark has a vision. A vision of a boat and the water. She also wants to make music that she wants to make not what someone is telling her to make. With Some Songs she had musical genius, Michael Knox on board to create the rich, big, amazing sound that he is famous for.

"With Michael, it was pretty amazing. He's famous for creating music, songs that just fill up your ears when you hear them on the radio. Kind of a geek too, he loves to create sounds and songs that don't sound like anything else. It was an absolute blast working and bowling with him. I'm proud of what we came up with."

The title track, leads off this free sounding, fun acting record. "Some Songs," co-written by Jaren Johnston and icon, Tom Douglas.

"It's such a real song. Jaren writes in a way that isn't rap, but the cadence was a bit quicker and I normally am used to singing. But you know what? I think I killed it pretty good."

Connie Harrington and Jimmy Yeary also were on board for this project. "Just Add Water," is the type of song that shows off not these folks writing chops, but it's a pretty damn fun song.

"I've know Connie for years, she actually lives in my ex house. Jimmy I'd never worked with but of course know who he is. With "Water," it just made sense. I'm such a water rat, I love being on in, in it and around it. Fishing, boating you name it. Connie's the same way. I don't think it took us 90 minutes to write this song. Everything is better than a boat which was my title idea. Tailgates are great, but they can't float. Everything's better in a boat."

This project was crowd funded. A process that Terri wanted to be a part of, find out where her fans are from.

"I needed to do it this way. Getting my fans involved. Finding out what they did for fun, work, life. I bowled with them, had dinner with them. I mean these are the people that have supported me and are the reason I do what I do and have been able to do it for over 20 years."

With such a honest approach and new outlook. Some Songs is Terri Clark's strongest album in her career. You can't fake real.