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Soloman Speaks:Channeled Guidance Reinforces New Energies with Dr. Eric Pearl

Solomon Speaks
Solomon Speaks
Solomon Speaks

Seminar and book


Many people are now awakening to the concept of healing as an energetic force, rather than just going to a mechanistic medical institute and getting 'fixed'. There are so many books and seminars and documented experiences to make plausible the concept that there is a healing force within which holds the keys to a vibrant, healthy and happy life. On Saturday, June 29, at Universal City, Los Angeles, there was a groundbreaking new seminar which appealed to a variety of seekers.

Sitting in the hotel meeting room next to Kelsey Grammar, his wife and new baby, listening to the channeling of an entity called Solomon, who speaks through the patient of Dr. Eric Pearl, the "new healing energy Doc' of the new millennium, was a surreal experience. There we were, in a seminar, in the hub of Universal Studios and yet this was not a movie set, but reality. Dr. Eric Pearl, a professionally trained chiropractor, (see the story on The Reconnection, for more details) has been introducing new healing energies to the planet for over a decade. An epiphany occurred where he found his patients being healed without touching them via some new form of energetic light and intelligence flowing through him and directing these energies to his patients. If this sounds a bit otherworldly, then the next part of the story will be even more incredible.

"Dr. Pearl's Reconnective Healing, is based upon the intelligent energy that is the extraordinary force of creation, the source of healing and the connection we have to our higher states of being." His new insights were coming through in messages transmitted by his patient, Frederick Ponzlov, who was channeling Solomon, an extra-dimensional intelligence that speaks through him. This entity was discovered during Ponzlov's chiropractic visits, where he entered into an altered state of consciousness and suddenly began to utter profound and life-altering information, illumination and wisdom on how we can improve our lives."

Dr. Pearl realized that this information was meant for him to hear and share and asked specific questions which were recorded and documented into this book, Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life (Hay House). It is the foundation for the Reconnective healing work, and the book offers an "entirely new perspective on how to reconnect with, tap into, create, utilize, monitor, manage, and flow forward with the unlimited, expansive power of the Universal energy that enables us to heal, thrive and live our most vital, purposeful, productive, balanced and exuberantly happy life."

The room was filled with many students of the Reconnective Healing method who were also healers. It addressed the many gifted people who were there to find out more information on how to serve their patients as well as all of humanity. Solomon was tapped into during the seminar and the information brought forth was of the utmost importance to all of us living in this time and place on earth.

"There is a reason for everything and everything makes perfect sense. We are not supposed to have the answers. What is more important is asking better questions. As healers it is our responsibility to open the door, as recipients, it is the patient's responsibility to walk through the door", exclaimed Dr. Pearl. The energy is coming through the healer, but not from the healer.

Solomon speaks of the truth about healing from within. He said that each of us has a healer within and we need to access this truth for ourselves via meditation, being in nature and silence.

"How do we break through the obstacles to our own healing? To change the concept of failure by going back to all events you felt you have had a loss and redefine them as wins. Reignite the behaviors from the past and reframe them. Review what you have won, you will automatically create winning situations, and then you will have a history of wins, not losses. Find the outcome you perceived as a loss and redefine it. This work will aid in healing. We have to reconstruct our viewpoint by going back to the past and finding/reviewing incidents as wins, which will create a winning future. Although we may have had some disappointments, we must let go of the past and change the way we feel about it. There's the event and how we feel about it. Review, change your feelings and you can recreate a win. As long as we hold onto pain we create more pain. Another lesson is to experience gratitude for the events. Appreciate everything you have. That is one of the keys to happiness."

There is great wisdom here to assist you in learning the keys to your own purpose. He speaks about Fear as "giving your power away and allowing someone else to determine your direction" We need to concentrate on joy and love, the rest is not constructive. We are all one part of the whole. Our happiness can affect someone in another part of the world. If we are each responsible for our own personal happiness, we can assist the world to moving into a place of peace. You can choose to be happy, you can choose to be healthy, because our ailments are our lessons and they are here as part of the obstacle course called life.

This information makes you reconsider everything you've read up until now about healing, consciousness, and our four-dimensional existence here on Earth. Check out the website below for more information: