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Solo's Active iPad Air Slim Case - better than Apple's Smart Cover

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Active iPad Air Slim Case


Despite having grown accustomed to one particular iPad case on a regular basis, I won’t pass up an opportunity to review other excellent products on the market. One of those is Solo's Active iPad Air Slim Case.

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The Active iPad Air Slim Case is much like other book-style tablet cases, with solid protection and when placed on a flat surface, can be adjusted to a number of viewing angles to suit one’s preference. Also included is a protective tray that holds the tablet firmly, a magnetic cover that sleeps and wakes the iPad, much like Apple’s iPad Air Smart Cover, along with a magnetic flap closure, not found on the Smart Cover. Measuring just 9.2-inches by 6.63 inches, the case is also quite compact and not even close to being bulky, like a lot of other iPad cases. And weighing just weighing just .68 lbs. it's also noticeably lighter than my “other” case.

Although Solo's Active iPad Air Slim Case and Apple’s similarly priced iPad Air Smart Cover are made of similar materials, Apple’s minimalist version seems flimsy and incapable of long-term use. By comparison, the Active iPad Air Slim is much sturdier and also comes with a corrugated surface with a sophisticated design and great looks. Yet perhaps the biggest difference these two iPad Air cases has nothing to do with the looks or workmanship – offers a limited five-year warranty, whereas Apple offers just a one-year limited warranty. Furthermore, if the Air Slim were to be discontinued, the limited five-year warranty would still be covered. That’s all but guaranteed, since Solo is part of a company that’s been in business for over 100 years.

As much as I like the Active iPad Air Slim Case, it’s unlikely I’ll prop up the case on a desk or other flat surface. Instead I use my iPad Air primarily as an e-reader and rely on either my desktop or laptop for written correspondence and other tasks. And because the protective tray isn’t flush against the cover, it’s awkward to hold while trying to read. Nevertheless, these features are commonplace with other iPad cases and these issues are merely my own personal preferences. For the vast majority of consumers, the ability to prop up a tablet in portrait or landscape mode simply is a must have.

Despite my own personal preferences, Solo’s Active iPad Slim Case is a solid choice for consumers looking for an affordable, yet durable tablet case. In fact, in my opinion, it’s so far superior to Apple’s Smart Cover, I am awarding this case five stars for my review and have quietly tucked away my "other" iPad case in a seldom-used drawer. doesn’t just sell iPad cases. Indeed, there are tablet cases available for Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire and Google Nexus, in addition to a wealth of other high quality products, including laptop cases, rolling briefcases, attaché cases and much more from five "lifestyle" categories, such as Urban, Classic and Executive.