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Sol Cuisine’s Meatless Chicken doesn’t really taste like chicken

Might taste like chicken to some and not so much to others.
Photo by Terence Jacinto

Sol Cuisine's Meatless Chicken


One of the important attributes of vegetarian/vegan products to an individual who is incorporating meat-substitutes into their diet, is how well a meat-substitute imitates the real thing. Meat-substitutes that closely emulate the real thing are one of the contributing factors that makes the transition to a plant-based diet easier for people who routinely eat meat. One unfavorable experience with a meat-substitute is often enough to curtail their effort to adopt a plant-based diet, and give these individuals an inaccurate impression of how delicious meat-substitutes can be. There are of course people eating a plant-based diet who absolutely despise the taste of meat, and the taste of meat-substitutes simply because they (the meat-substitutes) emulate the real thing.

Besides taste and appearance, one of the more important attributes of a delicious meat-substitute is its texture and how well the texture imitates the real thing (at least for those who favor meat-substitutes that taste like the real thing). Meat-substitutes that possess the texture of the meat it’s imitating, has the ability to deceive the brain into thinking that the person is consuming meat. This is important because an attribute such as this in a meat-substitute helps reduce a person’s psychological and physiological addiction to eating meat.

When it comes to imitating the taste of chicken, Sol Cuisine’s Meatless Chicken barely makes the cut. Sol Cuisine’s imitation chicken comes inside a freezer bag accompanied by two packets of ginger, lime, and teriyaki sauce. To Sol Cuisine’s credit, the sauce tastes pretty good, however the strips of imitation chicken have a ‘glossy and rubbery’ texture that makes the pieces of imitation chicken appear to be more suitable to transport into space to feed the astronauts orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station rather than being included in a home cooked meal.

The attributes that Sol Cuisine’s Meatless Chicken have going for it however are the fact that this product is 100% vegan, non-GMO verified, certified Halal and Kosher, and gluten free. The imitation chicken is also moderately low on sodium, and there’s no trans-fat or saturated fat, which is another plus.

The bottom line is if you are a veteran plant-based foodie, then the chances are you’ll be able to season Sol Cuisine’s Meatless Chicken correctly and combine it with other ingredients that will mask its artificial taste and texture. However, if you are somewhat new to eating meat-substitutes then it would be best to steer clear of Sol Cuisine’s Meatless Chicken, at least until you develop the skill to properly cook meat-substitutes, and until you accumulate the proper amount of recipes where this product’s taste and texture is subordinated to the other ingredients in your dish.

If you are the type of planet-based foodie that doesn’t enjoy the taste of real meat, but wants to incorporate an ingredient into your meal that will give you a decent amount of protein, then Sol Cuisine’s Meatless Chicken might be the right product for you (10 grams of protein per serving, or about ¼ of the package).

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