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Society 1, Kauze, & Seeds of War get Loaded in Hollywood

Loaded Monday Night Show


What do you do on a Monday night? There's nothing on tv and the only good movies are the ones you've seen already. For some the answer is homework, house cleaning, or going to Wal-mart, but for music fans (me included) in the Hollywood California area the answer is hitting Loaded and checking out a show. So for all of you who had a case of the Monday Blues March 3rd, the cure for it was seeing Society 1, Kauze and Seeds of War take the stage.

Kauze at Loaded
ROCKwell UnScene/Rockwell Anderson Media
Society 1's Lord Zane
ROCKwell UnScene/Rockwell Anderson Media

If you missed the show I hope you had a good reason because this show was one of those shows that, when after it is over, you say “WOW! that just happened”? Lets start with Society 1. This band is no stranger to the stage or to melting faces. Since the late 90's this band has been belting out industrial metal to fans around the world. After a short hiatus they decided to get back on stage and for that I say Thank You to Society 1! I have seen them live a few times and every show is so full of energy that I equate it to catching lighting in a bottle. Not only is it high energy, it drips with the sexiness of dirty Rock 'n Roll mixed with the sound of grinding industrial metal. So if any of that sounds like your preferred poison, hit a Society 1 show now.

When Kauze took the stage they owned it. Mixing aggressive vocals with a fist full of metal and a world dominating stage presence, this band made me want to make Monday my bitch. I was gripped by the music and found myself throwing up my fist and wanting more. So when you are ready to have your moshing switch flipped, get to a Kauze show on a stage near you.

Seeds of War skips any rock portion of the night and goes straight to hard core metal. Brutal sums up Seeds of War. They will beat the Monday right out of you. They will also have you throwing up horns throughout the night. The band not only looks tuff as nails but they have the sound that is even stronger and harder. This band is for those fans that really want to have that hard core experience...did I mention they were hard? They will leave you with a brutal, metal slap in the face and you will come back for another and another.

This was all on a school night music fans. That means people got off the couch and out to a show. That is what supporting the music scene and local music is all about. See you at a show soon, but don't forget to check us out & our latest issue of ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine available in stores and on the web at . Become a subscriber for only $5 and get a years worth of Rock 'n Roll delivered to your email, including exclusive pics from bands like A Day to Remember, Falling in Reverse, Gemini Syndrome, Lizzy Borden, Buckcherry, Winds of Plague, Great White, & hundreds of more bands.

Written by: Melissa Anderson

Photo's by ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine