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So Delicious green tea coconut ice cream good but no win

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So Delicious green tea coconut ice cream


So I love green tea. In fact my family of three lives on the stuff! Literally. My daughter drinks it every day, like her mom and I drink our coffee. We drink it throughout the day too. We are avid drinkers of green, white, red, herbal and just any type of tea we can get our hands on. For 30 years I have lived my life as close to the traditional ways of the Asian world as much as possible. Naturally, green tea is a part of that lifestyle. We are also avid natural living and organic eating people. In fact we live off the grid on a 5 acre homestead that is 100% natural as it gets, I even make my own medicines!

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We practice non dairy, organic, non GMO (genetically modified) ways of eating. SO Delicious, for us, is a big part of our diet. We consume their products all the time and are a huge supporter and avid drinker of the almond milk. We even use their coconut milk products in our cereals! I have tried almost their entire line of ice creams but I had not been given the chance of trying the green tea coconut ice cream until yesterday. Although there are a few perks to this ice cream, including that it is dairy free and GMO free, there is just not enough green tea flavor to the ice cream.

We were not sure if it was because it was made with the coconut milk, which sometimes adds it's own flavor, or if it was the addition of the chicory root SO Delicious adds to most all their products for a natural fiber boost. Whatever it is, the green tea coconut ice cream is not one of our favorites. It does not taste like green tea. What it does taste like is a vanilla coconut ice cream. Because that is not the intended flavor of the ice cream, it makes a strange taste in your mouth, that is less than exciting.

Over all, I give it 2 stars, one for non GMO ingredients and one for dairy free ingredients. As you can see in the picture, the ice cream is a mint color, very satisfying to look at, but not so much for eating. This is not a product I would buy myself. However, there are loads of products that I would and do buy from the company. Sorry So Delicious, but this one needs to go back on the drawing board list. Love what you do though!