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So...'About Last Night': Movie review

About Last Night


Nonstop laughter is what every patron going to see this movie can anticipate. It still holds the same qualities as any other romantic comedy, but nonetheless, the comical moments will keep your stomach hurting the entire duration.

The movie follows the lives of four characters. Danny and Bernie are best friends, practically brothers, and the same goes for Debbie and Joan, best friends, but more like sisters. All of them are in their 30’s and have their careers, friends and lifestyles on track. But when it comes to relationships, it’s a little complicated.

You can tell the movie is supposed to primarily focus on Danny and Joan’s relationship (played by Michael Ealy, TV’s ‘Almost Human’ and Joy Bryant, TV’s ‘Parenthood’), but it actually shines ample light on the relationship between Bernie and Joan (Kevin Hart and Regina Hall) as well, whose characters would usually be considered supporting roles (the best friends).

There was a healthy balance of screen time and attention to the two couples because each represented different obstacles a relationship might bring, and it may not mean a boyfriend-girlfriend-type of relationship either.

The movie has the same plot as every other romantic comedy, but it’s the successful delivery of lines and timing by Hart and Hall that make it entertaining. A “thank you” goes to the casting director, producers and whoever else was in charge of putting these two comedic movie symbols together. Their dynamic was more visible than Ealy and Bryant’s. While Ealy and Bryant were just fine, and clearly weren't supposed to be the hilarious and over-the-top couple like the other, it was Hart and Hall who stole the show.

Many questions were raised. When do you label each other as “boyfriend” and girlfriend?” Is it okay to move in after a short amount of time? Have you “domesticated” each other? Do you buy a pet together? You know, the usual unsure matter. The movie takes a mature view of those issues through Danny and Joan’s relationship.

But there is one piece of wisdom which you’ll take with you when leaving the theater and start contemplating your own love life: sometimes even the most unconventional relationships are the most gratifying.